Absolutely all of our design consultations are complimentary, hassle-free and done in-house by our qualified professionals. We also provide consultations and recommendations for well-known interior designers.









Impressions kitchens are committed to using all of latest technologies in combination with skilled craftsmen and designers. We use low-pressure painting systems, which minimize waste production; they provide a beautiful, smooth finish by not exposing the paint to pressure, which could saturate under the painted surface, which cause bubbles in the long run. We are very proud of our paint department which produces silky smooth world-class finishes every single time. We use top of the line CNC machines, which also minimize waste, and are very exact in cutting doors, frames and drawers with unmatched precision and detail.







The craftsmen themselves are the installers, pledging an emotional connection with the creation and the end result. These dedicated men and women guarantee nothing short of an amazing job, making the kitchen fit perfectly into your space.








Impressions Kitchens offers a 5 year warranty to you, the original retail purchaser, all products to be free from material manufacturing defects. Physical damage or water damage will not be covered by warranty. We also provide a lifetime warranty on all high-end hardware. Furthermore, we always offer an after service, such as demonstrations on how to properly use and clean your new kitchen. We also offer an additional buffing service for our acrylic lines.